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If you have software needs for any aspect of your business, we have the expertise to deliver optimal solutions in a timely manner. In addition to a suite of applications that are paired with our various hardware systems, we also engineer custom software solutions for our clients. We can offer a wide range of software services, including but not limited to:

Application Development

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We have expertise in all aspects of business application development at an enterprise level. By leveraging the power of the most modern development platforms, our software division has the flexibility and capability to bring any software need to practical fruition.

  Key Features

  • Custom Web, Mobile, & Desktop Applications
  • Data Management, Analytics & Reporting
  • Barcode Scanning & RFID Management Software
  • Custom Labeling & Printing Solutions
  • PLC & Integrated Hardware/Software Interfaces

Our developers have spent many years honing their skills in the professional software industry and can confidently tackle any problem thrown their way, on any platform required.

Custom Label Design

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Our labeling department routinely designs and manages label formats for our clients. We can design labels with any barcode format, print size, and information content neccesary.

  Key Features

  • Data Based Label Generation
  • Automated Printing Operations
  • Easily Integrated Scanning Solutions
  • RFID Capable Label Printing
  • Flexible Formatting & Design Options

Our expert team, coupled with our custom management software will make your labeling needs simple and easy.

Data Management

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Whatever your data needs are, from simple data collection to massive data migrations and transfers in distributed server environments, we have the professional expertise to deliver the results you need.

  Key Features

  • Continuous Data Management & Maintenance
  • Data Modeling & Normalization
  • Data Extraction, Transformation, & Loading
  • Integration With Existing Systems
  • High Level Analysis & Reporting

We are also proud to begin offering custom Cloud Computing & Data Solutions on Microsoft's Azure platform. If interested Contact Us for more details.


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We at Lynx Labeling believe that information is paramount to all aspects of business. Being informed about every level of your operation provides the knowledge and flexibility to position yourself for success. We answer four important questions by focusing on these main forms of analysis:

  • Descriptive - What is happening?
  • Diagnostic - Why did it happen?
  • Predictive - What is likely to happen?
  • Prescriptive - What should be done about it?

Following information is optimization. We can help identify any shortcomings in your infrastructure and work with everyone from Executives to Operational Employees to implement changes that will improve and/or resolve the issues that keep your business from reaching it's potential.

RFID Solutions

Lynx Labeling Impinj RFID Technology Logo

Through our partnership with Impinj Inc. we are proud to offer a wide range of RFID hardware and software solutions. We create strongly integrated systems by combining real-time scanning data with our clients internal data in order to build an easy to understand overview of operations coupled with intuitive analytics and reporting.

  Key Features

  • Intelligent Inventory Management
  • Room Mapping With Product Position Data
  • Gateway Threshold Scanning
  • Autonomous Data Collection

The possiblities don't stop there. If you need next level, intelligent organization and tracking for your operations Contact Us for information about custom RFID solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Lynx Labeling Artificial Intelligence Image AI

We use artificial intelligence algorithms for a variety of software solutions that are closely tied to production, labeling, and analytics. Smarter software can make common problems a breeze by taking the human effort, and error, out of the equation. Some examples include:

  • Complete Product Processing Optimization
  • Autonomous Production Strategy Development
  • Computer Vision Classification Systems
  • Predictive & Diagnostic Analytics